Thursday, October 19, 2006

Miami Thugicanes

I had a wonderful time this weekend. I sat around with friends I hadn't seen in a long time to watch a lot of really good football. It is now Thursday and the thing I remember the most about this weekend's sporting events was the brawl at Miami.

(This indenting is brought to you by The Prez himself) I was shocked at the barbaric display Saturday night, during which Miami won 35 to nil. I could have understood a bit more if it were a game that meant something, perhaps for an at-large BCS bid, or a Florida St. game. But to try and pummel, literally, Florida International, that's like starting an NFL franchise in Houston, or being traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, completely pointless.

To make matters worse, it seemed like the University of Miami didn't even care. Of course they gave the guy swinging his helmet an indefinite suspension, I'm pretty sure they could have charged him with 1st degree battery, assault, or being a jackass or something. The rest of the guys got a one game suspension for the upcoming Duke game. Now, unless Duke has figured out how to dribble a football and they change the endzones into little orange circles, I think Miami will be just fine.

In response, Miami implemented an automatic suspension for anyone who fights on the field. I think they are off base on this one too. When your teammate is being destroyed by the Crip Killas at the bottom of a pile, I'd hope you would step up and try and protect him. This is a difference in fighting and thuggery. The best day of my childhood was the day Ventura thought he should charge the mound against Nolan Ryan. Those three punches defined who I am today (pretty much a wuss). Fighting is apart of competition. When passion runs that high, there is no escaping it.

I am just sick of athletes who think they were God's gift to athletics. Their egotistical attitude may be one of the things I hate the most. Maybe I'm jealous because I'm slow, short, and kinda puggy and I wish I had the talent to be a standout in any sport I choose. I was infuriated when I saw three Hurricanes jumping on the legs of the FIU kicker. Why is it that you can almost expect your favorite athlete to royally screw up sooner or later. Kobe, Reddick, Bonds, that cripple Tour de France winner, the Indiana Pacers, Romance Taylor, Maurice claret, and the list hasn't even begun. Here's my message, to all you, too-good-for-your-own-good athletes- Get Bent, from America.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quack, Quack, Quack

I love The Mighty Ducks. All three. Gordan Bombay takes a rag-tag group of young hockey players who can hardly skate and 7 years later, pulls of nothing short of the Miracle on Ice by beating the bigger, better Iceland Vikings. Remember how Charlie sat on the sideline so Adam Banks could play, and then Julie took Goldberg's spot in the goal for the shootout. Great story, great game, great adjustments. With the same enthusiasm, I've attended the Belton High Varsity games this season. Up front, everyone is quick to admit this isn't the most talented team theres been in Belton in the past decade, in fact, they aren't good at all. But in watching the games, I can't help by feel that the players talent can only account for so much. We aren't playing Austin Westlake, Coppers Cove, or even Hoover (AL)( you have to be watching MTV's Two-A-Days). In the past two weeks, Belton has played teams with a combined record of 0-9. That's right, neither team had won a game. A prime oppurtunity for Belton to pick up their first win of the season, but in watching the games, you could see the Tigers never stood a chance. It seems that the Tigers are playing against two coaching staffs, seeing how the Tiger coaching staff does more good for the opposing team. Lets look at a few reasons this had erched me so bad lately:

-1:42 left in the 1st half. Belton has the ball at their own 40, with all three time outs. The score is Belton 10, Shoemaker 27. Instead of even attempting to go and cut the lead to two possesions, the Tigers elected to run three straight running back dives and end the half. To start the second half, the defense gets a turnover and a quick touchdown. The lead was cut to 10, and even with a field goal before half, its only a one score game.

-Last night, Belton started a different quaterback then last week, who didn't start the week before. Every other week, the offense has a new leader, and believe me, a quaterback has to be exactly that, a leader. But instead of instilling confidence in one guy, each new quaterback is going out there and trying to not win by as few points as possible. The closer the game, the more the victory because they obviously know the coach's don't think they can win.

-Why is it that the coach's insist on rolling the left handed quarterback to the right and the right handed one to the left? No wonder every other pass is intercepted.

-Is there a more obvious play then half back pass when it's 4 and 8 on the 27. We haven't run for more than 4 yards all of the second half and suddenly the defense is suppose to bit on that play when we need 3 scores in the last 6 minutes. Probably not.

-I just saw Florida jump pass into the endzone... Need I say anything else.

Players are suppose to do what coachs say. Even the bad players. The coachs are suppose to put those players in the best situation to win that they can. When the good and bad players do what the coachs say and yet aren't in the best situation to win, blame can't continue to fall on the players.